The login screen is the main entry point to the application. What you see here depends greatly on how you or you administrator have configured I-Webmail. The possible options available are:

The username or identification used for logging on to the system.

The password used to authenticate yourself.

Mail server
This could potentially be either a dropdown list of available servers, or a text box for you to enter your mail server manually.

The port that your mail server listens on. This is usually 143 for IMAP, 110 for POP3, 993 for IMAP/SSL and 995 for POP3/SSL.

The type of account you wish to use.

Folder prefix
When using an IMAP account you may well need to use a folder prefix to avoid seeing unwanted folders. For Cyrus and Courier IMAP servers this is usually "INBOX.", whilst for UW IMAP server this is usually "mail/" or "Mail/". Other servers (eg. Merak) may not need a folder prefix.

Which template set you wish to use.

Which language you wish to use.